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Smartwatches in acute care monitoring?

The developers of Corrie, a smartphone-based app paired with a smartwatch and blood pressure monitor for myocardial infarction recovery in the acute setting, suggest 6 steps to navigate from concept to clinical testing:

  1. Step one emphasizes concept generation by defining a specific clinical problem and the existing solutions aimed to address it

  2. Step two aims to recruit a multidisciplinary team within an academic institution

  3. Step three leverages technology accelerators and industry partnerships

  4. Step four develops the digital health technology with continuous feedback from patient and family end-users

  5. Step five solicits feedback from a diverse array of stakeholders

  6. Step six performs a clinical study at a single site that, if successful, rapidly scales to multiple sites.

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Marvel, F. A., Wang, J., & Martin, S. S. (2018). Digital Health Innovation: A Toolkit to Navigate From Concept to Clinical Testing. JMIR Cardio, 2(1), e2.

Kyle Gervais