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Membership in ELF is open to all enthusiastic, driven emerging healthcare leaders who are looking to challenge the status quo and connect with peers in the healthcare industry. Most of our members are students and professionals with two to five years of experience in the healthcare industry. All are welcome to join!




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How do I join ELF?

To join, simply complete the contact us form. We’ll place you on our mailing list and keep you posted on upcoming ELF events!

How do I know if I am an “emerging leader?”

ELF members come from a wide variety of health organizations. If you’re an enthusiastic, driven emerging healthcare professional who is looking to expand your  knowledge and network with peers in the Ontario healthcare industry – you’d be a welcome addition to our community. Professionals with less than five years of healthcare experience and students are also welcome!

What are some of the events hosted by ELF?

Each year, ELF hosts a series of events to help developing healthcare professionals learn from the experts in the field, refine skills, establish a community and collectively develop ideas on how we can enable transformation in healthcare.  Take a look at some of our past events!