Emerging Leader Forum


Inform. Explore. Transform.



The Emerging Leader Forum (ELF) is a community of health care professionals that come together to learn from experts in the health care industry, refine skills and cultivate ideas on how we can transform and improve health care. Based in Toronto, ELF provides early to mid-level health care professionals with a venue for discussion, debate, networking and education to help develop the next generation of health care leaders.


ELF began in 2006 when a group of young consultants at Courtyard Group (acquired by Telus in 2011) acknowledged that the health care community was lacking events and forums to support and nurture young professionals in the industry. To help fill this gap, they created a forum to meet the needs of health care professionals early in the careers.

Our first event established the ELF community, which continues to grow and flourish under the dedicated leadership a volunteer Executive Committee.

In the years since inception, ELF has matured into a community of hundreds of health care professionals and has established itself as a not-for-profit corporation. This enables us to partner with other organizations – like Deliotte, Telus and COACH – to expand our community of emerging leaders and provide high-quality programming for our members.


ELF members come from a wide variety of organizations in the health care industry. Our members are enthusiastic, driven and looking to expand their knowledge and connect with peers in the health care industry. Most of our members are students and professionals with two to five years of experience in the health care industry. All are welcome to join!


Inform. Explore. Transform. These three words define the ELF experience. With every encounter, our members will be encouraged to push the boundaries of traditional thinking when it comes to health care.


We want all ELF members to learn and grow. Through our popular speaker series and expert panels, members get up close and personal with hot topics in health care delivered by industry thought leaders.


We want members to take the ideas presented at ELF events and turn them on their heads. Through thoughtful debate and discussion with other members and industry leaders, they help uncover innovative new solutions to long-standing health care challenges.


We want members to take what they’ve learned at ELF events and apply it to their work. By changing perspectives, they will be empowered to challenge the status quo and break down barriers through innovative thinking.



We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke